Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The company is a leader in the construction of renewable energy projects and has 15 years of consolidated experience in large scale production projects in different countries. It develops activity in five technologies:

  • Photovoltaic energy.
  • Solar thermal energy.
  • Hydraulic energy.
  • Wind power.
  • Biomass.

Among others, the scope developed by Maracof covers:

  • Earthworks and roads.
  • Foundations of the main support systems: Piles, micropiles or mixed solutions for heliostats and parabolic trough concentrators, driven structure, reinforced concrete footings for wind turbines, etc.
  • Underground networks and galleries.
  • Reinforced concrete structures for equipment, tanks, racks, electrical cabinets, etc.
  • Electrical installation and commissioning.
  • Assembly of structure, modules and heliostats.
  • Security systems.
  • Monitoring systems.

Maracof participates in these projects as main or EPC contractor, always trying to adapt itself to the necessities of the clients.

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