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After a long history in renewable energy production projects, Maracof has a perfect knowledge of the high quality and occupational safety standards necessary for undertaking this kind of work successfully. Therefore the company is certified as a service provider for the main engineering companies at a global level.

Having participated in photovoltaic solar energy, thermosolar energy, wind energy and electrical substation projects in different countries, the staff are aware of their performance, planning and resource management, improving them in each project.

In this kind of project, Maracof and its international subsidiaries are specialists in:

  • Accesses (execution, adaptation and maintenance)
  • Fencing (security, dustproof and windbreaks)
  • Buried networks (electrical, fibre optic, grounding, supply, sewerage, firefighting, rainwater, etc.)
  • Foundations for equipment, tanks, piping, collectors/heliostats
  • Very large reinforced concrete structuresfor concentration towers, silos, etc.
  • Operation and storage buildings
  • Urban development
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